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My Philosophy

Everyone can make music. Like language, we are innately wired to do it.

Some people I have encountered adamantly insist they cannot, claimed to have a 'deaf' or 'tin' ear. Research has shown about 2% of the world's population have physiological difficulties that prevent people from intepreting what they hear and what they can replicate. Most people are in the 98%!

Naysayers declare that one has to have 'talent.' My response is that each of us is born with innate abilities to be developed. I believe 'talent' is a heightened level of an ability - it is there to be developed or not, depending on whether or not the interest and motivation is there.

Music-making is within the reach of deaf and hard-of-hearing people - Evelyn Glennie, a Scottish percussionist, became profoundly deaf at the age of 12, and became the first deaf person to be admitted to Great Britain's Royal Academy of Music.

Making music and visual art are examples of pure self-expression - to engage in this play can be therapeutic, engaging, and healing.

Banish the memories of the second grade teacher who told you to lip synch, and forget Aunt Marge's well-meaning but coersive tactics to get you to play piano during the holidays.

You can make music.

I play, first and foremost, for me. Music is self-expression, meditation, exercise, and creativity all in one. To convey my music accurately to you the listener, I must be fully focused on the act of creation.

Making music begins with you, privately. You choose what you wish to share with others. Creating your own music does not mean you have to perform it!

Learning to read music is your choice. Many musicians prefer to learn by ear. Fun and inexpensive tablet/smartphone apps are available to you that will enable you to read music in a short time. I am equally at home learning by ear, or reading the notes from a page.

The work of music-making is the best fun you'll ever have.

Together we can re-discover the muse inside you, determine what instrument(s) work for you, and create conditions to make daily music-making a reality for you, if only for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

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