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Play Kantele!

Want to play the Kantele? I can help you.

The Kantele comes from Finland - many American children begin instrument studies with the recorder - Finnish children begin with the kanetele.

Rainbow of Sound Program

This instrument comes in several string configurations - five string; ten string, eleven string; and more. I can show you how to make pleasant sounds on the kantele during our first meeting. Within a few meetings you can begin to improvise and create your own melodies and begin to learn the songs you want to play. Tablet and smartphone apps make it easy, quick, and efficient to learn how to read music, if that is a goal. Many well-known musicians do not read music and play by ear.

I tailor musical experiences and learning just for you. I'm am more of a 'guide,' or a 'coach.' My idea is to be there for you when you need me, and to show you how to learn. There are different approaches to learning anything - the kantele is no exception. Weekly lessons are not necesary unless you want them. My goal is to help you create a learning program to match your goals. There are many ways to learn, and together we will find what works best for you. Learning plans can always be adjusted to meet your needs.

A wide range of music can be played on this instrument. A list of my musical mentors include players of European, South American, Celtic, and American folk music.

Watch this space in the coming months for more information. Please send me an email message about your interest so I can notify you when my products and services are available. Thank you!